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Terraken Geotechnical Consultants

History and Services

Terraken Geotechnical Consultants was founded in 1997 and is committed to providing the highest quality professional geotechnical consulting services. Terraken specializes in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. Areas of expertise include design and analysis of foundations for buildings, roadways, bridges and earth retaining structures, landslide and slope stability analysis, fault studies, liquefaction analysis, soil settlement studies, expansive soil investigations, geotechnical instrumentation and laboratory and field testing.

Terraken Geotechnical Consultants primary business focus is providing geotechnical consulting services for public works projects in California. A particular area of expertise is highway projects specializing in roadway, bridge and earth retaining structure design. Terraken is also involved in providing expert witness services for legal cases that require opinions on geologic or geotechnical issues.